HR Policy


The development of a dynamic human resources policy which contributes to membership and encourages motivation and self-actualization of all, is a major priority of the SOMED Group. In this respect, our processes have been built with a view of mobilizing the skills and fostering the loyalty of our employees. From recruitment to the career management, through continuous training, evaluation, work environment and internal communication; these represent the different components of the human resources management of the group.

Recruitment process
The end objective of this process is to recruit at the right time the right person that is equipped with the right skills. Recruitment decision is strategic for the company. The hiring of a new candidate is carried out through different stages that range from the job description to the welcoming of the new recruit in the company.

Training process
It is important to note that training is fundamental for most of performance improvements. SOMED ensures the improvement of the skills that are necessary for its activities, and the future employability of the team members.

Evaluation process
 Every year, all the employees of the Group undergo a compulsory evaluation interview which leads to the establishment of a formal document assessing the individual performance of the Group employees.

Remuneration process
Our remuneration system is based on the following fundamental principles: internal equity, recognition of individual and collective performance, and external competitiveness.

Career management process
In order to ensure both the development of our Group and the professional development of our employees, career management is one of the important missions of our human resources management.. Based on a rigorous and fair appreciation of the skills, it aims at establishing a motivating policy in terms of career development and mobility.