Somed group

Presentation SOMED Holding

The Company Morocco United Arab Emirates for Development (SOMED), a private holding with a capital of 950 million MAD, was founded in 1982 following the will of the two countries to further develop the relations in economic cooperation between Morocco and the United Arab Emirates.

Thus striving to encourage both Emirati and international investments in Morocco, SOMED embarks in innovative and structuring projects through high potential strategic sectors for the development of the country.

Originally positioned in the sectors of tourism and industry, the SOMED Group has maintained its goal of developing and diversifying its strategic activities. Today, the Group has its share in the hospitality industry, metallurgy, trading, automotive,  real estate and higher education.

Determinedly present in a continuous dynamic of growth, the SOMED Group strives to play a leading role in the invested sectors, by consolidating the positioning of each of its subsidiaries in its business sector.

SOMED currently employs more than 1384 people, deployed over ten sites.

The SNI (National Investment Society) holds 35,7% of the SOMED’s share capital, beside the Treasury of Morocco that holds 37,1%and private Emiratis Investment Funds with a27,2% participation to the capital.

Equipped with a strong financial and industrial culture, the SOMED Group sets forth its mission around the following objectives:

  • Investing in innovative sectors, which have a high potential for growth and that create wealth for both the shareholders and the national community.
  • Indulging in strategic partnerships with national and international private partners through joint investment projects in different business fields.
  • Maintaining the development of existing trades that have a high potential, and re-balancing the portfolio of its business sectors.
  • Ensuring a leading position in each of the invested business sectors.

Our vision is our ambition. Our values express our fundamental beliefs and nourish our common culture. They are built on the essential principles that guide the daily activities of the employees.

The SOMED Group culture is based on the following 4 principles :
  • Responsibility : To assume our decisions and actions and justify our results.
  • Ambition :To provide Humans with the means to take up the challenges, and to build the company of the future.
  • Rigour :To perform with strong intellectual and moral requirements.
  • Commitment :To create growth by achieving together.

The mode of governance and management of the group is governed by the following apparatus :

1. Governance committees (issued from the board of directors)

  • An investment committee,
  • A risk and audit committee,
  • A nomination and remuneration committee.

The governance committees are made of SOMED executives and operate within the framework of the authority and the delegations invested in them by the board of directors, according to the laws that regulates public limited companies.

2. Management committees

  • Executive committee,
  • Project steering committee,
  • Human resources committee.