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The strategic business fields related to the real estate business are an integrated part of the new strategic vision of SOMED. They are part of this new dynamic and strive to participate actively to the general effort to create value. These new businesses, a real source of growth, are determined to raise among the SOMED Group’s sectors of the future.

” SOMED Developpement “, a subsidiary dedicated to the real estate, is required to play an active role as a full operator in all the different projects that will be launched. Quality, respect of deadlines, business expertise, and citizenship are the leading principles in all future actions of the “SOMED Development”, and are in perfect harmony with the values of the Group.

Our Subsidiaries

Given the growing needs in the main and tertiary fields, the SOMED Group committed itself to the broadening of its competence fields to the real estate business through its subsidiary SOMED DEVELOPMENT.

Designer and promoter, SOMED DEVELOPPEMENT launches residential or tertiary real estate projects and also ensures the delegation of contracting authority for third party clients.

SOMED DEVELOPMENT integrates the whole chain of value related to the real estate business, from the identification and the study of real estate opportunities to the marketing of its projects.

284, Boulevard Zerktouni, Casablanca
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Tel : + 212 (0)5 29 02 09 00
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Our real estate projects

Being exceptionally located in the heart of the city center of Fes, along Hassan II Avenue, the project land has an area of 3000 m².

It will accommodate a 4 star urban hotel, with a capacity of approximately 130 rooms, and the management of which is entrusted to Barcelo under the name eponyme.

It enjoys a position in both the “business” segment and the “leisure” segment, in order to meet the growing demand of these two segments.

Located in the Casablanca downtown, with two opposite facades respectively giving Boulevard Mohamed V and Rue de Soissons, this residential complex and mall is made up of two  seven floors’ buildings, six five floors’ buildings plus commercial premises and business offices. Featuring a central courtyard consisting of beautiful gardens and green spaces, the Acacia Apartments offer a beautiful natural environment in the heart of the city. The high quality selected materials and amenities make it a luxury residential complex.

Contact Acacia Apartments
Sales Office
 : Boulevard Mohammed V, in front of the CNSS office, Casablanca 
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 : + 212 (0)5 22 24 37 96
Fax : + 212 (0)5 22 24 38 07


Stretched over a site of about 66 acres, not far away from the wonderful Ain Chkef forest in Fes, the El Badie Gardens plans to have an area devoted to 347 lots for row villas and twin villas, of an area ranging from 200 to 430 m²; the construction of 56 semi-finished twin villas with an area of 410 m², on a land ranging from 428 and 718 m², and apartments offering optimized space, over an area ranging from 90 to 140 m².

In order to ensure a quality of life that is in compliance with modern standards, the El Badie gardens offers a full range of services that are necessary for the daily comfort of its residents in a dedicated space, where shops and leisure and relaxation centers have been erected. Combining quality of life and comfort, the El Badie gardens thus offer its residents a charming environment and an amazing view of luxurious scenery.

Contact El Badie Gardens
Sales office : Route de Ain Chkef, Fes
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Tel :+ 212 (0)5 38 901 347
Fax : + 212 (0)5 29 02 09 37


Located in the new urban zone of Mehdia in the region of Kenitra, the project « Golf Residences » stretches over an area of 500 acres.
This real estate project consists of 9798 apartments of average luxury, 5910 luxury apartments and 957 villas.

« The Golf residences » combines a residential complex along with areas devoted to business centers and sports entertainment.

The highly privileged location enjoys an 18 hole golf course stretched over an area of 100 acres.

Le projet Sindibad Beach Resort est un projet  résidentiel et tertiaire très haut standing situé à Ain Diab sur un terrain de 22 hectares totalisant plus de 200 000 m² SHON.

L’Ensemble résidentiel  est composé d’immeubles d’habitation, de  villas, de duplex et maison duplex  et d’un Hôtel 5 étoiles offrant une vue imprenable sur l’océan.

Le Projet sera  réalisé en 4 phases .La 1ère  tranche totalisant 258 unités est en cours de livraison et la 2nd est en cours de commercialisation.


Contact Sindibad Beach Resort
Adresse : Rond point Boulevard Abdelhadi Boutaleb et Boulevard Sidi Abderahmane, Casablanca.

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Tél : +212 80 20 00 009

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Suncity est un projet développé en partenariat avec  Atlas Hospitality Morocco situé sur sur l’avenue Ennakhil à Hay Riad à Rabat.

Le projet s’étend sur une parcelle d’un hectare et se comporte de 4 immeubles à usage de bureaux , de 12 appartements d’exception et de l’hôtel « The View ».