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The growth potential of SOMED also covers metallurgy and the trading of industrial products.

In fact, the SOMED Group is a Moroccan leader in the metallurgy sector through its Zellidja Company of Lead Foundries (SFPZ), one of the most important foundries of first fusion lead around the Mediterranean sea. Thus, through its subsidiary SFPZ, the SOMED Group is considered among the most important actors of oriental region of Morocco.

In order to participate to the efforts for the economic development in Morocco, the SOMED Group has committed itself to the distribution of industrial equipment, and civil engineering through its Fénie Brossette subsidiary.  Through its choice of high quality international suppliers of material and equipment that are adapted to the needs of companies in terms of infrastructure and structural systems, Fénie Brossette is one of the biggest local companies in this line of business.

Our Subsidiaries


Fénie Brossette specializes mainly in the marketing and the sale of equipment, products and services for the construction, civil engineering and industry.

Equipped with highly technical multi-business know-how, it operates in different domains where it enjoys the position of a leader :

  • Pipework and accessories for water and draining
  • Welded and unwelded pipes
  • Machinery for buildings and public engineering
  • Scaffolding
  • Crushing equipement
  • Material for street lighting and industrial electric equipment
  • Lifting and handling equipment, …

Fénie Brossette also ensures the manufacturing and the installing of shelves for storage, as well as supplying metallurgic products for the construction and the industry.

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Zellidja Company of Lead Foundries

Equipped with recognized know-how, and the most modern facilities as a result of a 50 million euro investment, along with a workforce of 280 employees, SFPZ has an annual processing capacity of 160,000 tons of lead concentrate.

Besides the production of mild lead (99.99%) listed at the London Metal Exchange under the brand “PZ-Maroc”, SFPZ also produces fine silver, brass matt, antimonial lead and concentrated tri-alloy.

Most of the production is exported to foreign markets : Europe, America, North Africa, and the Near and Middle East.

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